Parason is a PCBs supplier with office based in Hong Kong and factories in Mainland China. We have been supplying Double Sided and Multilayer PCBs with the highest quality and technology to our worldwide customers since 1992.

We offer a wide range of PCBs with different surface finishes which comply with RoHS Directive and PCBs with non-standard features such as: HDI, Via-In-Pad, Selective Hard Gold Plating, Heavy Copper, Differential Impedance, Ultra-Thin Core, High-Tg Low Dk materials and etc.

After many years in the PCBs industries, we have built a high reputation for top quality PCBs at competitive prices, professional advisory and on time delivery. We obtain the advantages large scale production to lower the costs and offer competitive prices without sacrificing the quality.

We maintain quick respond to our customers' inquires and technical questions, as well as in handling customers' complaint. We carry out careful checks on PCBs gerber data, mechanical drawing and specifications, and assisting customers in solving the technical problems and following up the work-in-process. All this is to ensure that customers' specification and requirements is within our capability and prevent any failure and delay in later manufacturing stage to maintain higher on time delivery rate.

With greater flexibility and efficiency, we are able to offer Quick Turnaround services and accept high mixed low volume order according to customer's specific requirement. With better communication and understanding every single customer's special request, our experienced customer services personnel and engineer staffs based in Hong Kong will provide the best services and professional advice in Technical, Manufacturing, and Costs Saving in utilization of material and help you in any aspect of PCBs sourcing.